Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy in North Ogden, UT 

Healthy smiles are often linked to improved confidence and quality of life. When a tooth becomes compromised, Dr. Ward Creager provides comprehensive care to resolve dental issues before they have created more complex problems that require complicated solutions.

At Ward Creager Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer root canal treatment for our patients in Ogden, Harrisville, Plain City, and Farr West. Our dental team is dedicated to the betterment of your oral health. If you have a constant toothache and are seeking relief, contact our dental practice today to schedule an appointment with our experienced dentist.

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How Do I Know I Need Root Canal Therapy?

Inside the root canal is the pulp, a collection of the tooth’s nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues. When the pulp becomes infected due to severe tooth decay or bacteria entering through an untreated injury, the patient may experience sensitivity, inflammation, and an abscess. Any of these symptoms should warrant a trip to the dental practice to prevent the development of serious complications in the future.

Harmful bacteria that harbor within the root canal could lead to the loss of that tooth. Our Ogden dental team wants to keep our patients smiles as natural as possible which is why we provide this tooth-saving treatment.

Endodontic Treatment with Dr. Creager

At Ward Creager Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we provided patients with an accurate diagnosis by utilizing advanced dental technologies and modern techniques. Our Ogden dentist uses an electronic pulp tester as well as monitors for a sensitivity to warm and cold temperatures to find out which teeth require root canal treatment. We also do not want to take dental issues at face value, doing everything we can to determine the cause of infection. By using a fiberoptic light, we view cracks or other forms of damage in the tooth and determine if it is savable.

If the tooth needs root canal therapy, we perform the procedure, being careful not to disturb nearby dental structures. Once complete, our dentist prescribes antibiotics and schedules a follow-up visit before suggesting additional dental services.

Our dental Ogden dental team makes every effort to preserve the smiles of our patients.

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