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Dental Implants

With missing or damaged teeth, smiling, chewing, and speaking can become painful, difficult, or embarrassing. Fortunately, dental implants can be an excellent solution. At Ward Creager Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we know how important having a complete smile is, and Dr. Ward Creager and our team are happy to discuss the best options for restoring that smile.  Considering dental implants in the North Ogden, Utah area?  Give us a call!

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root surgically placed into your jawbone. The implant is made of titanium, which is durable and compatible with the human body. Once the implant is in place, the bone heals around it, and the implant becomes integrated with the bone in a process called osseointegration. This provides a stable base for a replacement tooth or bridge.

Who Can Receive Dental Implants?

Dental implants are an excellent solution for individuals who have lost one or more teeth due to injury, disease, or decay. They can provide a long-term replacement option that closely mimics the natural tooth’s appearance and function. Dental implants are often recommended for individuals who have difficulty with removable dentures or those seeking to enhance oral function and aesthetic appeal. As with any medical procedure, candidates for dental implants should be in good general and oral health, have healthy gum tissues, and have sufficient bone density to support the implant.

The Dental Implant


The procedure for getting dental implants involves several stages. 

Dr. Creager will thoroughly examine your mouth to determine whether you are a candidate for the procedure. He may also take X-rays or 3D scans to better assess the health of your jawbone and teeth.

Once it is determined that a dental implant is the right solution, the next step is to place the implant into your jawbone. We will perform the surgery under local anesthesia; you should not feel any pain. Once the implant is in place, you must wait several months for the implant to become integrated with the bone and be fully stable.

After this healing period, we will attach a small connector called an abutment to the implant. The abutment will act as a base for the replacement tooth or bridge, which is then attached to the abutment. Dr. Creager will take great care to ensure that the replacement tooth matches the color and shape of your natural teeth so that it blends in seamlessly.

What are the Benefits
of Dental Implants?

There are advantages to choosing a dental implant for your tooth replacement procedure.

Simple Maintenance

Dental implants are fixed (not removable), and most only require routine brushing and flossing to keep clean.


Dental implants are highly durable and have the potential to last decades with proper care.

Preserving Jawbone Health

Dental implants maintain the health of your jawbone. When you lose a tooth, the bone in your jaw can deteriorate over time due to lack of use. This shrinking of your jawbone can cause problems with your bite and make it more challenging to eat and speak properly. However, dental implants stimulate the bone and prevent it from degenerating, which can help preserve your oral health.

Risks of
Dental Implants

As with any medical or dental device, there is a chance that a person’s body will reject a foreign body such as an implant. If this begins to occur, there are simple procedures to halt the progress of the rejection. If unsuccessful, sometimes an implant needs to be removed, and the patient can choose to have the implant replaced or consider another restorative option.

Dental Implants
in North Ogden, UT

Dental implants are an excellent solution for people who are missing one or more teeth. The treatment can take several months but is worth it in the end, as dental implants provide highly durable support. Are you ready to restore your smile and bring function back into your life? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Ward Creager today and restore your smile with this cosmetically appealing procedure! Dental implants can provide you with a beautiful, healthy smile for many years with proper care and maintenance. Schedule an appointment today!

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