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A smile that is worn down or has missing teeth can significantly impact dental health, confidence, and overall well-being. With the use of prosthetic restorations, individuals suffering from the repercussions of damaged or absent teeth have a chance at normalcy again. 

Our dentist, Dr. Ward Creager, dedicates his expertise to providing patients with high-quality restorations to complete dental implant treatment as well as rejuvenate dental beauty. For stunning, natural-looking fillings, crowns, bridges, and dentures, contact Ward Creager Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. 


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Benefits of Restorative Treatment from Dr. Ward Creager

Whether patients are missing up to an entire row of teeth or have experienced dental trauma, our North Ogden dentist can help. Our customized restorations come from a trusted dental lab that utilizes top-quality materials to meet each patient’s needs. New and existing patients visiting Ward Creager Family and Cosmetic Dentistry can have complete confidence in their care, as we provide the following restorations:

Crowns: We offer crowns made of high-quality porcelain, allowing for continued durability and maintaining a life-like appearance. Patients have the added benefit of having their damaged smile discreetly rebuilt.

Porcelain crowns can be used to finalize dental implant treatment. The restoration is attached to the titanium posts that serve as artificial tooth roots. For patients that have a single missing tooth within their smile, an implant-supported crown is an ideal restorative option. 

Fillings: Composite, tooth-colored fillings repair damage or fractures on teeth. Because these restorations bond directly to enamel, they are resistant to wear. Dr. Ward blends shades to create the perfect color nearly identical to the patient’s actual tooth, restoring the natural beauty of the smile. 

Bridges: We offer porcelain bridges when two or more teeth are missing. These ceramic restorations replace a small number of missing teeth by using the surrounding structures as a foundation. This creates a literal “bridge” between the remaining teeth, subtly filling the gap left by absent teeth. These effective non-surgical replacements restore dental function and provide natural-looking results.

Dentures: Our traditional, full-denture prosthetic devices are custom crafted for replacing the entire smile. The partial equivalents are a non-surgical treatment option for restoring sizable gaps within the dental structure. These porcelain devices secure in place using natural suction or metal clasps that wrap around remaining surrounding teeth.  Anchoring dentures on implants is an additional option that can further increase comfort and function.

Rebuilding Dental Health and Restoring Beauty

Dr. Ward Creager and his capable staff are dedicated to supplying patients with quality services by completely restoring both dental wellness and function. Patients who are suffering from oral health complications can look forward to the comprehensive care provided by Ward Creager Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. 

We aim to bolster overall oral health so that Dr. Creager can replace missing teeth effectively and restore each patient's smile to its natural beauty. 

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Dr. Ward Creager is happy to cater to patients and their families in Weber County. If you or a loved one are looking for all the information on top-quality restoration options with a compassionate approach, we encourage you to call or visit our practice today. 

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